Denmark Bitcoin Ecological Summit 2024: Exploring the New Era of BRC-20 and BTC-Layer2

Hosted by @RWA (, Coral Finance (, InitVerse (

Co-host by Posh Niche (, HGEX (, Green Meta (, Genesis (@Genesis_Web3SDK) , MetaBirds (, Acara (

The 2024 Danish Bitcoin Ecological Summit held in Copenhagen, Denmark, has successfully concluded. The summit made remarkable achievements in exploring the current status and future potential of blockchain technology, especially BRC-20 tokens and BTC-Layer2. The summit brings together the world’s leading experts, innovators and enthusiasts to discuss the latest advances in blockchain technology. 

Revealing the potential of BRC20 and BTC-Layer2

The summit opened with insightful quotes that set the stage for a series of in-depth discussions. The keynote speech provided a broad overview of BRC-20 and related technologies, highlighting their growing importance in the blockchain ecosystem.

In-depth technical and market discussions

 The conference focused on the evolution of the BRC20 token and its impact, providing participants with a comprehensive understanding of its development and functionality. Technical sessions on inscriptions and ordinals, Layer 2, delved into the latest innovations that address the complexities and challenges in this area; a highlight of the summit was an expert panel discussion on BRC20 market dynamics. This session provided valuable insights into market trends, investment patterns and the speculative nature of the BRC20 token. In addition, invited projects shared their experiences, challenges and success stories, promoting an environment of collaboration and learning.

Project Roadshow: Demonstrating Innovation 

The project roadshow session allowed attendees to showcase and explore a variety of innovative projects related to BRC20, Inscription and Ordinal, highlighting the practical applications and potential of these technologies. Others included developers from MetaBirds demonstrating the strength of the Bitcoin Layer 2 Bmeta platform, and @ RWA’s core code contributors shared how to introduce RWA into the Bitcoin ecosystem, and the co-founder from Genesis shared the value comparison between Bitcoin inscriptions and game inscriptions. 

Looking ahead to the bright future of blockchain

The summit concluded with a forward-looking discussion on the future trends of blockchain technology. Experts share their views on emerging technologies and potential developments, painting a picture of an exciting future for the blockchain space.

A successful gathering of ideas

The summit concluded with closing remarks marked by heartfelt thanks to participants, speakers and organizers, reflecting the key takeaways and learnings from the summit. The Denmark Bitcoin Ecosystem Summit 2024 sets a new benchmark for blockchain discussions, leaving attendees knowledgeable and excited about the future possibilities of the Bitcoin ecosystem.

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