XAR Coin Metaverse and Blockchain Ensuring Decentralization of All Elements

Blockchain technology has the characteristics of openness, transparency and decentralization. With NFT, virtual land, game props or buildings in the metaverse can be turned into unique things that can be truly owned by users.

On October 28, 2021, Facebook CEO (Mark Zuckerberg) annual event, Facebook Connect, announced that Facebook’s parent company will be renamed “Meta”, and that subsequent social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Whatspp will be dialed into new Owned by the company Meta


Mark Zuckerberg once posted on Facebook that he believed that the Metaverse would be the successor to the mobile Internet, and was very optimistic about the prospect of the Metaverse.

This name change can show Mark Zuckerberg ambition and confidence in the future of the metaverse. In order to support this vision, he also said that he will spend $10 billion this year on the VR and AR division “Facebook Reality Labs” (FRL), and also Launched a two-year, $50 million XAR Coin program.

In the future, XAR Coin will continue to expand its diverse ecosystem including storage cloud platform, game distribution platform, game props trading platform, NFT props asset exchange, advertising platform, metaverse mining and incubator, providing services for players, miners, R&D, channel merchants, etc. And so on for a complete game solution. Developers can also create blockchain applications through the XAR Coin toolset, as well as obtain comprehensive NFT service support through other platforms.


XAR Token:

Max Total Supply: 760,000,000 (XAR)

Etherscan Contract Address:






Business Plan:http://docs.xarcoin.com/XARCoin_BusinessPlan_Eng.pdf


Business License:https://docs.xarcoin.com/XARFOUNDATION.pdf

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